Who Are G&D

We have an obsession for creating the very best for every client on every project.

For over 20 years, G & D Stainless Fabrications have been dedicated to delivering outstanding stainless steel and fabrication solutions for corporate, retail and residential environments.

We‘re proud to deliver high quality precision fabrication in stainless, mild steel and aluminium as well as structural steel products to client‘s own specifications.

Our experienced team provide extremely high levels of quality and professionalism. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to achieve the ultimate solution - always on time and on budget.


Through this collaboration and our 4 stage process we ensure optimum quality at every stage of the project, from concept and design, through to manufacture and onsite installation. All our work is bespoke and manufactured to the client‘s requirements. We have a very diverse and highly valued client list, includingmany high street names.

We‘ll work to tight deadlines whilst maintaining the highest standards.

We love what we do and embrace every new challenge in design, fabrication and installation.


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Primark Glasswalling Glasswalling for Primark
image2.jpg Bikerack for Halifax

Our Process

Whether for corporate, retail or residential projects, our flexible 4 stage process helps maintain the most stringent quality and service standards.


First ideas

This is the first stage of any project and provides you with many design solutions for the brief. This stage allows for lots of discussion, multiple changes, possibilities and alternatives to be reviewed and refined until a solution is found that you are completely happy with.  


Detail developed

The selected concept is now progressed into a detailed drawing. The precision drawing provides accurate specifications and details for all aspects of the project. It is at this stage of the process a production plan and final costing can also be created.


Plan comes to life

Once the drawings have been signed off the project goes into manufacture. Our experienced team are capable of producing bespoke designs to the exact specification agreed by you. The team have years of experience in working with stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and glass, so the end result is guaranteed to be of a very high standard.


Everything in place

Our professional engineers will come and install your project and insure it meets our high standards.
We have extensive experience of working with architects and project managers and always aim to meet your project deadlines and timescales.

Recent Collaborations